LeyCo Ltd. is Shelley Goldbeck’s company. This site is a hub of my projects and interests. Click on the images to go to my sites.


Shelley Goldbeck,  Thinker, Writer, Speaker


       Shelley Goldbeck, Funeral Celebrant



S2Seminars, Business Training for Artists


       One Woman’s Opinion, General Blog


 Whole Real Food, Healthy Eating Blog



Grow Food Calgary, Gardening Blog




Accent Reduction Company, Improve your Pronunciation



Verne the Worm, multi-lingual children’s book




Buffalo Beans and Bluebells, CD of Poetry and Music




Barbwire Dispatch, official Newsletter of Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association, (ACPA)


To Lease or Not is a Comprehensive Auto Leasing manual that will help you choose between buying and leasing your next automobile.



Horse Sense is my first book of Cowboy Poetry and Music.