Coyle References

“As a Landlord, I always tried to do my repairs in order to maximize my profits. A few months ago I was hit with a double whammy where two of my houses were left in shambles and I had 30 days to get both back in shape before the next tenants moved in. Two weeks into my reno’s and it was quite apparent that I was not going to make my timeline.

“Doug from Coyle Construction was recommended to me.  I called him and he was there the next morning. I gave Doug a list of items to do and headed back to my other house to work on things there. I returned at the end of the day, looked around and was amazed at what he was able to get done. After that day I basically handed Doug the keys to both houses and asked him to finish things up for me.

“Doug is a machine. Give him a project to do and he does it and he does it well. Painting, flooring, trim, plumbing, electrical.

“In the time BD (Before Doug), when a Tenant needed something repaired, it could be days/weeks before I could find time to make it over. Now I pick up the phone, call Doug, provide him with the Tenant’s phone number and a couple days later I get a call from Doug saying it’s all done. Being a Landlord just got a whole lot easier.”

Jeff K.

“My wife and I moved to Texas. Doug from Coyle Construction helped us prepare our home in Calgary for sale. He painted, installed light fixtures and handled dozens of other small tasks to polish up the place. Our home sold in weeks, thanks to Doug’s quality work and attention to detail. Doug is reliable and easy to get along with and I would not hesitate to recommend him for any project.”

Nicholas Scott